Klopfer EP Remixes

Out on: Black Nation Records

Glauben Der Dunkelheit (Tony Kasper Remix)

Billy Johnston, Gennaro Mastrantonio, Tony Kasper

Klopfer (Tony Kasper Remix)

Billy Johnston, Gennaro Mastrantonio, Tony Kasper

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Release Date: September 20th, 2016
Artist: Billy Johnston & Gennaro Mastrantonio
Title: Klopfer EP Remixes
Label: Black Nation Recordings
CAT#: BNR830
Remixers: MEANSandENDS, Luis Rosario, Allan Gallego, DJ Nova (Miami), Tony Kasper

1. Glauben Der Dunkelheit (MEANSandENDS deception Remix) (7:19)
2. Glauben Der Dunkelheit (MEANSandENDS conception Remix) (5:54)
3. Klopfer (Luis Rosario LA Remix) (6:01)
4. Klopfer (Luis Rosario Detroit Remix) (5:42)
5. Klopfer (Allan Gallego’s LOFT Remix) (7:00)
6. Klopfer (DJ NOVA Miami Remix) (6:34)
7. Glauben Der Dunkelheit (Tony Kasper Remix) (5:44)
8. Klopfer (Tony Kasper Remix) (6:01)

Press Release:
You walk into a room. Hands are in the air. The walls are wet. And those droplets, you’re pretty sure, are pulsating.

Brooklyn/Detroit (MEANSandENDS), Los Angeles (Luis Rosario), Miami (DJ Nova), Chicago/Miami (Tony Kasper)… and “KLOPFER,” some nomenclature of indeterminate Deutsche origination. More importantly, at this moment: that sweet bottom, aka the low end, that which gives life.

Wait. Wait…

You know what? One thing… Brooklyn, Detroit, L.A., Miami – it doesn’t matter what city. It’s the same room. Wherever you go to get some of this, you’re in The Black Nation. That place we go to be our truest selves. The dark – and the light. And what’s coming in your earhole, when those droplets bounce, is KLOPFER (translation: a “knocker”). Black Nation Recordings Number 830. Knock, knock… Call and response. That moment of transformation. That moment when you walked into the room and let go. And The Knock is an eight-banger release featuring four artist’s take on that same theme: the moment. Klopfer. Knock knock.

Listen. You once fell in love, and it was divine… Answer the call, walk through the door, and into the room.


Release: BNR830

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