Know Who You Are LP

Out on: Black Nation Records

All In (Original Mix)

Tony Kasper

Changes (Original Mix)

Tony Kasper

Come In (Earth) (Original Mix)

Tony Kasper

Drama (Revisited)

Tony Kasper

Here Is The Deal (Warehouse Mix)

Tony Kasper

Know Who You Are (Edit)

Tony Kasper

Please Me (Original Mix)

Tony Kasper

Progress (Original Mix)

Tony Kasper

Selections (Original Mix)

Tony Kasper

Taking It Back A Notch (Original Mix)

Tony Kasper

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“Tony’s artist Lp is class. A big surprise! Changes is HOT!”
– Billy Johnston (Sleaze, BluFIN)

“Hi tech workout from Black Nation, exquisitely produced tracks full of soul and futuristic vibes, ‘Selections’ is a winner, ‘Progress’ is top notch stuff, ‘Please Me’ is pure galactic funk, ‘Here’s the Deal’ …those Chicago vibes …love this album, straight to my chart!”
– HD Substance (Monofunk,Software, Madrid)

“Sounds sweet! Love that ‘Please Me’ track!”
– Par Grindvik (Stockholm Ltd)

“This is great!”
– Angel Alanis (A Squared,Klientele Musik)

“Changes” and “Please Me” are my favorites. VERY well produced album. Everything has a nice big, clean sound to it. Kudos.”
– Tony Rohr (Clink, Plus 8, Drumcode)

Sixteen year deejay and up and coming Techno producer presents his first full-length album on internationally known Kalamazoo-based Techno label Black Nation Records headed by Jay Denham and D.G. Hubbard. With remixes out already out on labels such as Kompute Musik and Smooth Agent Records, this album fits the role for a refreshing and original sound coming out of the midwest United States. Living in a world filled with short-lived overnight rockstars conforming to half-witted and regurgitated dance music, Tony chose to stick with what he knows best, Techno, in it’s purist and simplest form by incorporating a driving force of funky structures, vocals, big room sounds, and seamless transitions, thus achieving an experience of it’s own kind from start to finish. Each track on this album exemplifies the true meaning of dance music and how effective it can be when you keep it clean and well composed. The album is very versatile, easily played with Techno, House, Tech House, and Electro.

1. All In (7:07)
2. Changes (5:53)
3. Come In Earth (5:46)
4. Drama Revisited (7:33)
5. Here’s The Deal (Warehouse Mix) (6:10)
6. Know Who You Are (Edit) (7:27)
7. Please Me (6:19)
8. Progress (7:04)
9. Selections (6:08)
10. Taking It Back A Notch (8:31)


Release: BNR500

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